A 3-Day Training Workshop Begins At Sindh University

Jamshoro:A 3-Day training workshop on “Employability & Entrepreneurial Skills” has begun at Sindh University (SU) Jamshoro which has been sponsored by Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad. Vice Chancellor of SU Prof. Dr. Nazir A. Mughal inaugurated the workshop.
Among a large number of both male and female students, Coordinator of the workshop Dr. Noor Amhed Jamali and Secretary Dr. Ashique Jhatial, Dr. Anil Kumar and Hafiz Abro.
Addressing the opening session of the workshop, Dr. Nazir A. Mughal congratulated Dr. Noor Ahmed Jamali, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce upon organizing the much-needed workshop on the theme of Enhancement of Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills.
He said: employability plays an important role in the implementation of what students learn and teachers impart to them. Universities engage students in developing their employable and entrepreneurial skills with a view to enable them to build their future independently, be responsible citizens, contribute to the community they live in and believe in merit which they possess.
He further said: employability can be enhanced through innovative learning, interactive education, teaching and assessment methods which promote students’ understanding and help them engage in ‘practical’ learning and learn how to apply theory and knowledge in practical ways at the workplace. Hence, he said this workshop, will cast far reaching impact upon participants because the things employers generally value in new graduates are things that most teachers in higher education generally impart. He said that the employers looked for practical knowledge and relevant skills in university graduates.
Dr. Mughal said that imparting entrepreneurial skills had been central part of university curricula to enable graduates to start up business ventures adding that through entrepreneurial skills graduates can think of establishing their own enterprises.
He said: there is a dire need for university students to develop these skills well before they set foot into practical corporate market.
Dr. Mughal told that he as Vice Chancellor of the University strongly believed that entrepreneurship was a key driver of countries economy as large number of jobs were created by enterprises.
He said: we need to integrate entrepreneurship to our regular teaching learning practice and prepare youth to bank upon available employment opportunities in the corporate sector.
“Creativity, passion, team work, risk taking, determination and problem solving are not only transferable skills but the same serve as an indispensable foot kit for our youth to survive in cut-throat competition of corporate world”. Dr. Mughal said.
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