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Higher education being reformed’

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 12:45

Lahore:February 10:Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said a comprehensive reforms programme is under way to develop higher education sector according to needs of the 21st century so that the country could progress through human resource development.

Chairing a meeting at Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), the minister said for this purpose research-based activities were being fully encouraged and the teachers were provided capacity building opportunities.

PHEC Chairperson Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin, representatives of higher education department and a four-member team of British Council attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed the prospects of reforms in collaboration with the British Council. The meeting was told that the British Council was collaborating with the Higher Education Department (HED) for achieving the goals of different projects including chief minister’s roadmap programme, faculty development programme and Lahore Knowledge Park.

Raza Gillani informed the meeting that a teachers training plan has been devised by the government to improve capacity of teachers. He said Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship had been launched with Rs 400 million, and added Rs 200 million were provided for domestic and foreign trainings of teachers. He said 138 colleges were being established in different districts with an amount of Rs 2147 million.

Dr Nizam highlighted the role of PHEC in the improvement of higher education in the province and proposed that international taskforce should be established to elevate the higher education sector.The news.

Growth linked to entrepreneur education

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 12:44

Lahore:February 10:A conference was organised by FPCCI in collaboration with a non-profit organisation on “Inclusion of entrepreneurial theme in educational The news......................................
syllabus: the way forward to inclusive tolerant, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan”
Representative of FPCCI, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, academia, media, civil society, financial sector and senior journalists participated in the conference.
Participants of the conference discussed the seriousness of the issues, including social, political, economic and education in country.
During the discussion, it was highlighted that many European countries had included entrepreneurship as a key competence in their wider education policies, and developed specific strategies for entrepreneurship education.
They are creating entrepreneurial societies, so their main goal in education system is to build a system which will eventually enable the development of society as a whole.
President of Mustaqbil, Rahat Babar shared with the participants the research that indicates that the success of the Chinese economy over the past two decades has been widely attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit and endeavour.
He said entrepreneur education was to give an opportunity to learners to explore, discover and develop their own skills and abilities. It can be included in any subject at any level from primary to PhD.
Entrepreneurship needs to be included as learning outcome, what the learners should know, understand and be able to do, achieve through the learning process.
Rahat Babar emphasised that entrepreneurship was a necessary ingredient for stimulating economic growth and employment opportunities in all societies. In the developing world, successful small businesses are the primary engines of job creation, income growth, and poverty reduction.

Therefore, government support for entrepreneurship is a crucial strategy for economic development.

Entrepreneurial activity leads to economic growth and helps to reduce poverty, create a middle class, and foster stability. It is in the interest of all governments to make and implement policies to foster entrepreneurship and reap the benefits of its activity. Sadly, Pakistan has no policy, regulatory regime, or supporting and creating business culture or entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and women small and medium enterprises (WSMEs), in particular. We have to empower youths to become job creators instead of job seekers, he said.

More than 60 percent of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30. Women in Pakistan need education and empowerment for inclusive engagement in order to act and contribute to the society as an equal pillar.

Legislative support, institutional protection, societal inclusion, and attitudinal change are needed on the part of society as a whole to allow women to stand at their rightful place as equal decision-makers in family, community and the national level.

We need to create entrepreneurial culture for inclusive, tolerant, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan, he concluded.

Regional vice-chairman, FPCCI, Manzoor-ul-Haq Malik said, as a matter of fact, the reform process needs mass sensitisation, proactive planning and policy implementation.

Sensitisation of stakeholders, advocacy for friendly laws, presenting the entrepreneurial theme as a career option to youths, establishing business incubation centres, at public and private level, highlighting the entrepreneurial theme in media, building positive images of entrepreneurs are the ingredients leading to development.

Pakistan’s demographic cycle should reach its peak in 2030, when the working-age population touches 67 percent. To absorb such an influx requires GDP to grow from 7 percent to 8 percent annually. Such increased economic output will only be achieved if the country is able to establish vibrant markets and an enabling environment, achieved through sustained human capital investment. This will create a new productivity paradigm away from the brick and mortar traditions, and centered on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, Manzoor-ul-Haq concluded.

The conference endorsed the need to include entrepreneurial theme in the educational syllabus, and highlighted the need of creating partnership between all stakeholders to create the culture of entrepreneurship at social, cultural and economic level. It is therefore fundamentally imperative as a component to have the entrepreneurial theme in the educational syllabus, to develop the generation to compete in the 21st century, the conference concluded.The news.

FBISE Federal Board SSC Date Sheet 2017

Fri, 02/10/2017 - 12:28

FBISE Federal Board SSC Date Sheet 2017
Islamabad : The Federal board official website has issued the SSC (9th and 10th) Class Date Sheet 2017 examination today.
The Federal board SSC Examine will be start on14 March 2017

 فیڈرل بورڈ نے میٹرک کے سالانہ امتحانات 2017 کی ڈیٹ شیٹ جاری کردی ہے جو کہ پاک اسٹڈی پر بھی موجود ہے ۔
 فیڈرل بورڈاسلام آباد کے زیر اہتمام  کلاس نہم ، دہم کے  سالانہ امتحانات چودہ   مارچ 2017 سے شروع ہونگے ۔
 امتحانات کے حصہ معروضی کے تیاری کے لئے پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ وئیر کا استعمال نہایت مفید ثابت ہوسکتا ہے ۔
پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ آپ اس لنک سے حاصل کرسکتے ہیں



Admission date extended in Punjab University

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:28

Lahore:February 08:Punjab University’s Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) has extended the admission date for one-year TV Production diploma.

According to details, now the candidates can obtain and submit their admission forms till February 13, 2017.The news.

University of Engineering Lahore mine owners sign MoU

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:26

Lahore:February 08: Mining Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and Geo-Mineral Associates on Tuesday signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) for review and analysis of coal mine support system of Punjab, Pakistan.’’

According to a press release, Mining Engineering Department Chairman Dr Zulfiqar Ali and Pakistan Mines Owner Association Chairman Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz signed the MoU, focusing on identifying malfunctioning in support system of mines in Punjab and presenting solutions for them.

Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz extended his support to improve research facilities and ensure good cooperation between academia and industry.

Dr Zulfiqar Ali said the MoU was a step to improve the industry-academia relationships and would help promote safe mining practices in the province.The news.

Technical education is CM’s priority’

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:24

Lahore:February 08:Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Tevta) Chairperson Irfan Qaiser Sheikh has said that promotion of technical and vocational education in Punjab is top priority of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif so well considered measures are being taken according to his vision.
Addressing a meeting here on Tuesday, he said foreign partners were supporting Tevta to strength its system across the province as future of the country was entirely linked with it. Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said the dream of progress could not be realised without skilled workforce. He added Tevta was imparting free training in hospitality, driving, food and beverages, construction, IT, Chinese language and other important sectors as trained manpower was urgently required at the national and international level.The news.

No Hate Syllabi in Punjab, PA told

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:23

Lahore:February 08:Punjab government has asserted on the floor of the Punjab Assembly that none of the educational institutions in the province, whether government, private or the religious seminaries, are having any syllabi that imparts religious intolerance or extremism.

Government and law enforcing agencies have completed a thorough scrutiny of the educational syllabi, particularly those of the religious seminaries besides having these registered, the law minister told the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday while replying to a public interest resolution moved by a treasury member, Hina Pervaiz Butt, on the private members day on Tuesday.

The law minister opposed the passage of the resolution which called for taking immediate and comprehensive measures to remove all the material related to spreading religious intolerance and extremism from all the educational institutions. He informed the House that not only the syllabi of the seminaries were examined but these were also registered with the government under a modern system to have comprehensive monitoring. He praised that the intentions of the mover of the resolution were sincere and showed her concerns, but added that the government had already been taking necessary measures in this regard. He said the resolution gave a kind of impression that the syllabi of the educational institutions in the province were containing any objectionable material, whereas the fact was that all the educational institutions in the province were absolutely free of any objectionable material. He informed the House that the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) had specially scrutinised the 552 institutions that fell in the grey area and found no questionable material or activity there. He also informed the House that nearly 1.1 million students of the seminaries including 1300 foreigners were also thoroughly scrutinized to the satisfaction of authorities. Treasury’s member Gulnar Shahzadi was forced to withdraw her resolution after facing serious opposition from the parliamentary secretary on education Joyce Rufin Julius and the provincial minister for human rights and minority affairs Khalil Tahir Sindhu. The resolution called for barring the private educational institutions from printing their logos on the note books of schools and colleges in order to prevent them from overcharging the parents or compelling them to purchase costly note books, and instead giving them the liberty to purchase notebooks from anywhere they like. Ms Joyce Rifun Julius said the government had already issued a circular to all private educational institutions that restricted them from forcing the parents on purchasing books, uniforms stationary etc. from any particular shop. But the mover referred to scores of complaints from the parents that this circular had been openly flouted by the private schools. The minister for human rights Khalil Tahir Sindhu while opposing the resolution said there was no law that allowed the government to restrict any private institution from printing its logo on notebooks. He referred to the foreign educational systems like Cambridge etc. which were out of the ambit of local laws and publish their notebooks.

But the mover insisted that no educational institution must be allowed to function outside the ambit of the laws of the land. Besides, she added that forcing the parents of the students to purchase notebooks and stationary from specified stores at exorbitant rates against their will was against the fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution of Pakistan. But the minister kept insisting that specifying the notebooks for students was no violation of fundamental rights. After the tough opposition from her own colleagues on treasury benches, mover Gulnar Shahzadi had no option but to withdraw her resolution.

The House passed a resolution of treasury’s Dr Alia Aftab which called for immediate measures to install chemical treatment plants on the sewers of the factories to prevent them from releasing toxic and hazardous waste that had been causing serious threats not only to the environment but also to the lives of the humans, animals, birds and insects. Another resolution by opposition’s Dr Nosheen Hamid that called for constructing paved lanes on the sides of the main roads for motorcycle and bicycle riders.

Earlier, the opposition ended its boycott of the House after its reservations with speaker Rana Iqbal Khan were amicably resolved. The speaker welcomed the opposition members in the House and assured them full cooperation in fair and smooth running of the proceedings according to the constitution and relevant laws. The speaker said he had equal respect for all members irrespective of their political affiliations since every member was equal in status before the chair.

During the question hour, the House was told that the government spent over three million rupees on the education of medical students in their course of becoming doctors in the government medical colleges. However, there was no suggestion under consideration of the government to ban the doctors from working in other departments. However, the government was taking steps to make the medical graduates work in the medical profession as medical students were being asked to fill up surety bonds for working in medical profession for certain period after completion of their studies. The House was told that the government was also taking steps to make the women, who either don’t join medical profession or joined some other profession after becoming doctors, to return to their profession and serve the country.The news.

Issue degrees to Bahuddin Zakrya University students: LHC

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:22

Lahore:February 08: A full bench of the Lahore High Court on Tuesday directed the Bahuddin Zakrya University (BZU) to issue, as an interim measure, degrees to the students who passed the examinations at Lahore sub-campus.

The LHC full bench headed by Justice Sayyed Mazahar Ali Akbar issued the order while hearing a number of petitions filed by the students challenging non-recognition of their degrees and admission at the university.

The bench expressed dismay over non-enrollment of current students as well as not preparing strong reference against the real perpetrators of the illegality that took place at the sub-campus of Bahauddin Zakarya University in Lahore.

NAB Chairman Qamaruz Zaman, its Prosecutor General Waqar Qadeer Dar, Advocate General Punjab Shakilur Rehman Khan and Provincial Minister Zaeem Hussain Qadri also attended hearing of the case.

During the proceedings, the prosecutor general said that 11 suspects in the scam were not taken into custody on a stay order issued by a single bench of the high court. But he could not convince the court as to why the stay order was not challenged by the NAB.

The bench, however, observed that the university’s registrar would be changed if the grievances of the students were not redressed. The bench directed the advocate general to ensure compliance with the court order and remove reservations of the students. The court would resume hearing by Feb 13.The news.

Best education facilities priority: CM

Wed, 02/08/2017 - 11:21

Lahore:February 08: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said lecturers of foreign professors will help the students get modern and standardised education, and a programme in this regard should be finalised immediately and implemented.

The CM chaired a meeting on Tuesday to review steps to promote modern and standardised education in government universities and colleges, and development on various aspects of Lahore Knowledge Park. The meeting decided to launch a programme of online lecturers of foreign professors.

Addressing the meeting, the CM the pilot project of online lectures of foreign professors should be launched forthwith and later it will be expanded. He said practical recommendation should be put forward for this programme as the government is committed to providing the best education facilities to students.

The CM said the promotion of research culture is drastically needed and for this purpose solid recommendations should be presented. He said: “We have to move forward with individuality and innovation and leave aside traditional methods. We have to work jointly to bring our education standards at a par with the international level and we need to work with professional approach for this purpose. Youth is the hope for the bright future of Pakistan and making the youth more and more empowered is the priority of our government. Renowned educational institutions have expressed interest in setting up their campuses in the Lahore Knowledge Park, and all necessary arrangements should be completed in this regard and immediate progress should be made in this regard.”

The CM said the Punjab government is establishing the Information Technology University in the Lahore Knowledge Park and this project will be completed by the start of 2018.

Chairman Academic Committee of Lahore Knowledge Park Dr Atta-ur-rehman briefed the meeting on development made on various matter of the knowledge park. He said two renowned educational institutions have expressed interest in the setting up campuses at the park, while a French university also wants to establish campus.The news.

BISE Bahawalpur Board SSC Date Sheet 2017

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 19:54

BISE Bahawalpur Board SSC Date Sheet 2017
Bahawalpur : The Bahawalpur board official website has issued the SSC (9th and 10th) Class Date Sheet 2017 examination today.
The Bahawalpur board SSC Examine will be start on1 March 2017

 بہاولپور بورڈ نے میٹرک کے سالانہ امتحانات 2017 کی ڈیٹ شیٹ جاری کردی ہے جو کہ پاک اسٹڈی پر بھی موجود ہے ۔
 بہاولپوربورڈ کے زیر اہتمام  کلاس نہم ، دہم کے  سالانہ امتحانات یکم  مارچ 2017 سے شروع ہونگے ۔
 امتحانات کے حصہ معروضی کے تیاری کے لئے پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ وئیر کا استعمال نہایت مفید ثابت ہوسکتا ہے ۔
پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ آپ اس لنک سے حاصل کرسکتے ہیں


BISE Faisalabad Board SSC Date Sheet 2017

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 19:24

BISE faisalabad Board SSC Date Sheet 2017
faisalabad : The faisalabad board official website has issued the SSC (9th and 10th) Class Date Sheet 2017 examination today.
The faisalabad board SSC Examine will be start on1 March 2017

 فیصل آباد بورڈ نے میٹرک کے سالانہ امتحانات 2017 کی ڈیٹ شیٹ جاری کردی ہے جو کہ پاک اسٹڈی پر بھی موجود ہے ۔
 فیصل آباد بورڈ کے زیر اہتمام  کلاس نہم ، دہم کے  سالانہ امتحانات یکم  مارچ 2017 سے شروع ہونگے ۔
 امتحانات کے حصہ معروضی کے تیاری کے لئے پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ وئیر کا استعمال نہایت مفید ثابت ہوسکتا ہے ۔
پاک ایم سی کیو سوفٹ آپ اس لنک سے حاصل کرسکتے ہیں


SLS School awards high achievers

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 11:56

Rawalpindi: February 06:Sadeeqa's Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School held a ceremony to recognise and award its high achievers of SSC examinations of the FBISE, says a press release.

A total of 138 students, securing above 90% were awarded medals for their outstanding performance for the years 2013 to 2016. Special cash prizes were given to the students who secured the top three positions from all the high school campuses of SLS.

Aleem Qureshi, controller examinations, Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) and Zareen Jamshed, eminent educational consultant were the guests of honour. Managing Director of SLS Schools, Asiya Talha began the ceremony with a welcome address congratulating all the students, parents, heads and teachers. She recognised all the campus heads, teachers, coordinators and school staff and stressed the importance of teamwork at SLS. She said while the team at SLS and parents love and effort were the most important ingredients for student success. She advised the students to remember that success did not necessarily mean happiness and that they must find ways of giving back to their communities.

The address was followed by a dance performance on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and AR Rahman's collaboration 'Gurus of Peace' song. The performance implored the audience to not wait for another day and to start with themselves to bring change. After the performance, the medal giving ceremony began. The top three position holders received their medals and cash prizes and the hall thundered with applause.

An intermission took place with a skit on 'Respect for All.' Students used the skit to demonstrate how we overlook plants and trees when we talk about respect and how pertinent they are to our life with every breath that we take dependent upon them.The news.

PU VC Zafar Mueen Nasir appointed of Polymer Engineering Chairman

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 11:55

Lahore: February 06: Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir has appointed Department of Polymer Engineering and Technology Chairman Prof Dr Tahir Jamil as Director of Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization.

According to a press release on Sunday, the appointment of Dr Tahir Jamil comes with reference to the newly-appointed vice-chancellor’s vision to promote research products of the university in the market and streamline industry-academia linkages as per international standards. Prof Dr Tahir Jamil graduated from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and did his PhD from New York, USA in 1986. Dr Jamil has worked in USA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in different academics, research organizations and industry for many years.The news.

Book fair Pulls Crowds

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 11:54

Lahore: February 06:A large number of book lovers visited the Lahore International Book Fair’17 on its fourth day at the Expo Centre here on Sunday. Monday (today) will be the last day of the book fair, organised by the Lahore International Book Fair (LIBF) Trust in collaboration with the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association. A great rush of people was witnessed in the afternoon which continued till the evening as people taking advantage of the weekly holiday thronged the venue to explore the book fair. The five-day book fair, with free entry during all days of the event, is offering thousands of books on a variety of topics, mostly on discounted prices.The news.

Academies planned for Training of Teachers: minister

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 11:53

Lahore: February 06:Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani has said that establishment of state-of-the-art staff development academies in Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi has been planned under Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) to provide well-designed capacity-building training to the teaching faculty of public sector higher education institutions.

He said this while chairing a meeting at PHEC which was also attended by the Commission Chairman Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin and Director General Dr Shahid Soroya, representatives of Higher Education Department and educationists.

Raza Gillani said provision of all the necessary facilities in the higher education institutions was essential to raise their academic standards. He said morning assembly should be revived in the colleges to sensitise them about ethical, moral values as well as the importance of self-discipline. He said the college canteen system should be reshaped in such a way to help provide quality food items at subsidised rates to the students. Similarly, an institutional mechanism of career counseling should be established to educate the students about choosing future targets, he added.

The meeting decided to set up higher education advisory council to recommend proposals about improvement in higher education sector. Gillani said state-of-the-art language centres should be established so that the students could learn foreign languages. He observed that publication of research journals should be fully encouraged in universities to encourage research-based publications.

Dr Nizam informed that faculty development programme for public sector universities had been initiated at an amount of Rs 200 million. The meeting agreed that linkages between industry and academia should be developed so that the industrial sector could benefit from universities’ research and innovation.The news.

15,000 schools, 700 basic health centres to run on solar energy: Shahbaz

Mon, 02/06/2017 - 11:52

Lahore: February 06:Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif chaired a meeting on Sunday to review progress on the programme to spread the use of solar energy in the province with the cooperation of Asian Development Bank and AFD Bank of France.
The chief minister also reviewed progress on 100 MW solar power agreement signed with renowned Turkish company Zorlu Energi. While addressing the meeting, the chief minister said that according to Asian Development Bank and AFD Bank of France programme, 15,000 schools in the province would run on solar energy and the Punjab government was already committed to its programme to run schools on solar energy. With the cooperation of Asian Development Bank and AFD Bank of France, 700 basic health centres and University of Bahawalpur will also run on solar energy. The programme will be expanded in a phased manner, he added.
With reference to implementation of the programme, the chief minister also gave instructions the authority concerned to constitute a steering committee headed by the chief minister himself. A lot of time has already been wasted, therefore, there is need to fast spread the use of solar energy, he added.

The chief minister said, "We need to take initiatives to increase the productivity of our energy department on priority basis." He said that the Punjab government was pursuing a comprehensive programme to make use of energy from the sun. The 100 MW solar power plant installed with Punjab's own resources is adding energy to the national grid, he observed. An agreement has also been signed with the renowned Turkish company Zorlu Energi and this company is installing 100 MW solar power plant in Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur, which would be completed in 6 months, he said.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the Turkish company had also shown a desire to install solar power plant of 200 MW in Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur, and in this regard the government would talk to the Turkish company soon.

development: Shahbaz Sharif has said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan is fast becoming a progressive and developed country and the projects of PML-N are examples of prevailing transparency in the country. While talking to a delegation of PML-N, the chief minister said, "We are spending every single penny of our national resources on public welfare projects with integrity and honesty." The chief minister said that the people of Pakistan wanted progress and development. He said the conspiracy hatched to stop Pakistan’s journey towards progress through lockdown and agitation had been failed with the blessings of Allah Almighty and support of public at large. He said those who planned conspiracies against Pakistan’s progress and development had been exposed before the masses.

He said the former corrupt rulers who looted Pakistan during their rule were now protesting against the corruption. He said the corrupt former rulers and ‘Dharna group' had never left any opportunity to destroy Pakistan. By looting and hampering Pakistan’s progress and development through sit-ins and agitation, they proved themselves the enemies of Pakistan, the chief minister observed.

In the last three and a half years, the ‘Dharna’ group did nothing except making baseless allegations, he said. He said change could not be brought about with the help of those who didn’t pay off their loans and were involved in land grabbing.

In the general elections of 2018, the politics based on truthfulness and transparency will win and the people will once again reject all those involved in negative politics, the chief minister said.The news.

Agriculture University Rawalpind signs MoU

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 13:52

Rawalpindi:February 04:Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid - Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) and Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR) signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) , here on Friday, to come together and form a research partnership to address the issues of groundwater table and quality decline for improvement in farmer livelihoods.

PMAS-AAUR Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad and Dr. Evan Christen from ACIAR signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organisations. On the occasion, Dr. Ashfaq Sheikh, Dr. Jahangir Punthkay of CSU, Dr. Max Finlayson (CSU) and faculty from PMAS-AAUR were also present at the signing ceremony.
This MoU will be a suite of groundwater and econometric modelling tools for developing guidelines for sustainable management of groundwater resources and improved cropping and water management options. Farmers will be direct beneficiaries as community awareness of groundwater management will provide a basis for addressing equity issues in relation to water distribution (entitlement), improving groundwater access, and reducing salinity and sodicity impacts. There will also be environmental benefits from reduced risk of salinisation of land and water through unsustainable use of water resources.The news.

10pc private medical colleges are fake, says PMDC chief

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 13:51

Lahore:February 04: Around 10 percent of private medical colleges in Pakistan are “fake” and merely “money-making ventures” being run by owners of ghee, textile and sugar mill owners, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) president Dr Shabir Ahmed Lehri said on Friday.

Speaking at the inaugural session of a three-day international conference, Dr Lehri said these fake colleges were providing substandard medical education.

“Ninety percent of private medical colleges are imparting quality education, but other 10 percent are only fleecing the public,” he added.

The three-day conference on “Bridging the gap in primary healthcare innovations, translations beyond” is organised by the Ziauddin University and local as well as foreign health experts are attending the event.

Dr Lehri said that stern action was being taken against those who were destroying medical education in Pakistan.

“The PMDC is there to facilitate anyone who is going to operate on merit; we are there to resolve problems, issues and to facilitate the health fraternity. We are working against corruption and maladministration.”

Dr Lehri said when he took over as the PMDC president, there were 20,000 applications pending for registration and he and his team worked day and night to address them all.

He said there were three types of medical curricula in the country being taught at medical educational institutions in the country.

He added that the PMDC’s curriculum committee was working day and night to chalk out a single curriculum for all medical educational institutions in the coming days.

He praised the Ziauddin University for being a national institution serving the country with dedication and international standards and appreciated its efforts for arranging such an informative event.

Commenting on bridging the gap in primary healthcare innovations, Dr Lehri said the medical field was evolving with each passing day.

Dr Maud Nauta from the Camden Health Improvement Practice, London, UK, speaking on the topic “How and why we make mistakes: Lessons learnt from the West” informed the audience about human factors in primary healthcare.

Giving examples of human factors including workload, lack of knowledge, pattern recognition, and overconfidence, she said 100,000 people died in hospitals alone because of human error.

She pointed out that first we needed to find out our errors and then we could solve them.

Dr Nauta maintained that all healthcare professionals strived for improvement in patient care but at least 10 percent of patients admitted to hospitals would encounter a potentially fatal medical error and 50 percent of these were preventable. Human factors or non-technical skills contribute to at least 70 percent of these errors.

Prof Dr Ghaffar Billo, senior professor of paediatrics at the Aga Khan University Hospital and the founder of HANDS, spoke on the subject of “Harnessing the energy of healthcare workforce to benefit the community”.

He elaborated the functions of his NGO and talked about community empowerment.

Earlier, Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, the vice chancellor of the Ziauddin University, in his welcome address said the Ziauddin University was striving for the promotion of health and social sciences in the country and it had acquired the services of the best available academicians, professors and researchers from Pakistan and abroad.

The conference will continue for two more days at the Ziauddin University in Clifton where various aspects of primary healthcare, preventive measures, innovative medicine and technology and other issues in the field of medical education will be discussed.The news.

Sky lantern show at University of Engineering Lahore

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 13:50

Lahore:February 04:On the closing day of a two-day book fair 2017, the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) organised a sky lantern show with the theme “Read and Rise”.

Speaking on the occasion, UET Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid said book reading raised intellectual status of reader.The news.

People flock to book fair on day 2

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 13:49

Lahore:February 04: People from all walks of life swarmed on the second day of Pakistan’s biggest book fair “Lahore International Book Fair-2017” featuring some 275 local and foreign publishers started at Expo Center here on Friday.

The five-day book fair, with free entry during all days of the event, attracted hundreds of people. Almost all participating publishers are offering special discount on books ranging from 20 to as high as 50 percent and in some cases even more. The spacious venue offers thousands of books on a variety of topics under one roof. LIBF Trust’s administrator Saleem Malik said the book fair was an annual event which had been nurturing a very positive activity over the years. He added that as compared to its first day, the number of visitors swelled manifold, and in terms of sales, the first day brought more revenue since serious buyers and book lovers came to the book fair to buy books. He said that on the second day, children and students bought a large number of books.

Saleem Malik commented that the book fair was the herald of spring and suggested that the Punjab government could own it as part of its annual spring festival. “The government can at least provide the venue at subsidised rates,” he added. The book fair will continue till February 6 from 10am to 10pm with no entry fee.The news.

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