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220 teachers and school leaders met at Pakistan Schools Conference

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LAHORE:12 June: More than 220 teachers and school leaders from over 140 Cambridge schools met at the Pakistan Schools Conference held at Avari Lahore on Wednesday. The conference was hosted by Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) and the theme for the event was “Measuring what matters: understanding and improving educational impact”. “The concept of ‘educational impact’ has become increasingly important in academic research and education debate. No school can make meaningful progress without understanding the effect of its practices on students’ learning,” explained Cambridge International Chief Executive Michael O’Sullivan. They do this through careful curriculum design, inspiring extra-curricular activities, professional development of teachers and the creation of school environments conducive to learning, he added.Published in The Express Tribune, April 12Lahore

Lyallpur Literature Festival remained a centre for art and literature lovers

Punjab study - Sun, 06/10/2018 - 11:07
FAISALABAD:10 June: Lyallpur Art and Literature Festival remained a centre of attraction for art and literature lovers on the fourth day at University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF). People in large numbers thronged the university to witness competitions being held among different varsities. The event, which will conclude on Friday (today), is organised under the banner of Senior Tutor Office, UAF on the directions of Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Zafar. In script writing competition, Rida Akhtar from University of Punjab bagged first position, while Kinza Waqar from University of Lahore and Saman Arsahd from University of Central Punjab Faisalabad got second and third positions respectively. In the web development contest, Fahad Sahwal from Punjab University secured first position, Qasim Saeed from Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture Multan bagged second position while a student from University of Lahore secured third place. In speed programming quiz, Muhammad Hassan from University of Punjab stood first, while Abdullah from University of Central Punjab Faisalabad and Hasnat from University of Central Punjab Lahore secured second and third positions respectively. In mobile application development, Hasnat from University of Central Punjab bagged first position, while Rao Adil from University of Faisalabad, and Syed Ali from National Textile University stood second and third respectively.Published in The Express Tribune,FaisalabadUniversity in FaisalabadAgriculture University Faisalabad

PU VC principles of governance were merit, transparency and accountability

Punjab study - Sun, 06/10/2018 - 11:06
LAHORE:10 June:Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Dr Niaz Ahmed has said the administration would ensure rule of law in all affairs. He vowed to ensure that the principles of governance were merit, transparency and accountability. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the deans of all faculties at the committee room of his office on Saturday. Talking to the participants, he said no institution could deliver unless it followed rules and regulations. Punjab University likely to get permanent VC by June He asked the deans to play a “parental” role in guiding their faculty members and create a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research. He said the administration would introduce research-friendly policies and focus on that research which had a positive economic impact on the development of the country and society. “The administration will run the university affairs with consultation and provide maximum facilities to the teachers, students and employees,” he asserted. He said the administration would make serious efforts to pull Punjab University up to the top ranking varsities of the world. Meanwhile, the meeting congratulated Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi on his appointment as caretaker chief minister.Published in The Express Tribune, June 10th, 2018. PU VC principles of governance were merit, transparency and accountability LAHORE:10 June:Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Dr Niaz Ahmed has said the administration would ensure rule of law in all affairs. He vowed to ensure that the principles of governance were merit, transparency and accountability. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of the deans of all faculties at the committee room of his office on Saturday. Talking to the participants, he said no institution could deliver unless it followed rules and regulations. Punjab University likely to get permanent VC by June He asked the deans to play a “parental” role in guiding their faculty members and create a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research. He said the administration would introduce research-friendly policies and focus on that research which had a positive economic impact on the development of the country and society. “The administration will run the university affairs with consultation and provide maximum facilities to the teachers, students and employees,” he asserted. He said the administration would make serious efforts to pull Punjab University up to the top ranking varsities of the world. Meanwhile, the meeting congratulated Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi on his appointment as caretaker chief minister.Published in The Express Tribune, June 10th, 2018.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Private school chain ‘withdraws’ 1,200 children

Punjab study - Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:23
LAHORE:09 June: As many as 1,200 students have been “withdrawn” from the private City School chain for not submitting their complete fee during the academic year 2017-18. According to parents, they received letters confirming that the school had withdrawn their children after the students completed the academic year 2017-18. It further stated: “Please note that as a result of the withdrawal, your child will not be re-enrolled at the school for the coming school year i.e. the academic year 2018-19.” The school told the parents in the letter that “Despite your default, we continued to provide your child with quality education for the remainder of the academic year since we did not want their education to be affected. We strongly value our students and their education.” The school, furthermore, assured it would provide parents with the result of the academic year. PIERA bars private schools from taking summer fees However, the school also said that it would withhold the security amount deposited by the parents until the dues were paid in full. In the letter, the school also threatened legal action. Reacting to the action by the school, Parents Action Committee (PAC) started a trend on social media to attract the attention of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Talking to The Express Tribune, PAC General Secretary Sajeel Usmani said that they were collecting letters of withdrawal, sent by The City School to parents, from all over Punjab. He added PAC had confirmed that 1,200 children had been withdrawn by the school. “Parents had not paid the fee because the amount being demanded by the school was unlawful,” said Usman. “According to the law, schools were to increase the fee by only 5%; however, these institutes were upped the amount by 30%. So, in protest, parents did not submit the fee.” He added parents demanded that the school charge the lawful fee amount, whereas the school said it had contested the law in the court and would abide by the decision. “When the case was decided, The City School itself did not abide by the decision of the court,” Usman added. He said that after collecting all the letters, PAC would go to court against the school. Lahore District Education Authority CEO Bashir Ahmed Goraya told The Express Tribune that he had called the management of the school to his office to explain the matter. When contacted, the City School, in a statement said, “It is incorrect that we have issued withdrawal notice to 1,200 students. In fact, the real number is much less. Withdrawal notices have been issued for parents who are fee defaulters for the academic year 2017-18 and have not cleared their dues despite repeated reminders. The fee defaulters are issued alerts as a routine and withdrawn as per regular system procedure. However, despite fee default, in the interest of students, these students were allowed to continue to attend class and take exams and have also been given their results. Withdrawn students have sufficient time to enroll in any other school for the upcoming academic year. We wish them the best for future academic endeavors.” Published in The Express Tribune, June 9th, 2018.Lahore

Punjab University VC assumes office on Friday

Punjab study - Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:21
LAHORE:09 June: Prof Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar on Friday took charge as new Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University. Before taking this charge, Dr Niaz has served as VC of UET, Taxila. The Punjab governor approved his resignation from the post of UET, Taxila.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

A private school expelled students Due parents failed to pay fee

Punjab study - Sat, 06/09/2018 - 11:20
LAHORE:June 9: A private school has expelled a large number of students from its different campuses as their parents failed to pay the fee. “Your child……..student of Class 1 at the school's Ravi Campus Lahore, is hereby withdrawn from the school, after having completed the current school year i.e., academic year 2017-2018. Please note that as result of the withdrawal, your child will not be re-enrolled at the school, for the coming school year i.e., academic year 2018-2019,” reads on such notice issued to parents. The notice cites the reason of withdrawal as non-payment of fee for the months of August 2017 to November 2017. Parents Action Committee (PAC) of Private Schools claims that the school has expelled around 1,200 students from its different campuses. The PAC claimed that the fee was illegal and parents did not pay the same. On its Facebook page, PAC Foundation claimed the demand for fee of the said period was a violation of court orders which could result in serious legal consequences. However, the school also shared its point of view with media claiming that the number of withdrawal notices to 1,200 students was incorrect and added withdrawal notices were issued to only those parents who were fee defaulters for academic year 2017-18 and who had not cleared their dues despite repeated reminders. The school also observed that withdrawn students had sufficient time to enrol in any other school for upcoming academic year. It also observed the fee defaulters were issued alerts as a routine and withdrawn as per regular system procedure.The news.LahoreColleges in Lahore

Navy Engineering College, Karachi team visits PSCA

Punjab study - Wed, 06/06/2018 - 13:04
Lahore:06 June: A 15-member delegation of students and faculties of Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi, visited the Punjab Police Integrated Command Control and Communication Center (PPIC3) – the premier security project of Punjab Safe Cities Authority. The delegates were shown round various arms and functions of the project dealing helpline 15 operations, Police Dispatch Unit, Video Control Unit, Media Monitoring Unit and the PSCA insignia Cam-surveillance Operations Management Centre. The delegation showed keen interest in the state-of-the-art ICT project. They praised PSCA for modern policing. "Such an advanced and centralised security mechanism to optimise metropolitan security is laudable," they added. The PSCA’s premier project PPIC3 is a consolidated hub of integrated policing regulating swift emergency and police responses. road accidents: Sixteen people were killed and 584 badly injured in 877 road accidents reported to the Provincial Monitoring Cell of the Punjab Emergency Service/Rescue 1122 from all districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. The injured were removed to different hospitals of relevant districts and tehsils.The news.LahoreColleges in Lahore

Shahbaz Established 200 colleges, 19 varsities in Punjab

Punjab study - Wed, 06/06/2018 - 13:03
LAHORE:06 June: The Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, on Saturday said the PML-N would pursue a policy of coordination and consultation among the institutions instead of confrontation, if his party came into power again. Addressing a press conference at a local hotel on Tuesday, he said given the challenges faced by the country, consultation among the institutions is necessary. “In a country where democratic institutions are weak and martial law imposed four times, the only way forward is consultation and coordination. No single institution can move the country forward in this geo-political situation and I have played my role in this regard,” Shahbaz added. Responding to a question for not being vocal enough against the confrontational mode of politics regarding certain institutions, he said the God and the history are a witness to the number of times he has openly advocated his position that confrontation is not going to solve anything. Listing his government’s achievements in Punjab, he said is the establishment of 200 new colleges and 19 universities something ordinary. The PML-N president said Rs 682 billion has been saved in the development projects. “Rs 682billion of the poor nation are saved. This saving in development projects is the pride of my life and every penny has been utilised judiciously. That is why other countries say proposals should be submitted in Punjab carefully because Shahbaz Sharif is sitting there,” he remarked. When asked about Reham Khan’s book, he said he did not want to reply to the question. “One person tweeted that money has been taken and then said that I have said it without giving any evidence,” Shahbaz remarked. To a question about Kala Bagh Dam, he said the project is feasible which would tremendously benefit the economy but nothing is important than national unity, adding, “Sometimes a big sacrifice has to be made for national unity.” “Touching the Kala Bagh Dam project without the approval of four provinces would be a cruelty with Pakistan. [On the other hand] Bhasha-Diamer Dam project will produce 4000-MW of electricity and store water and will also stop de-silting in Mangla and Tarbela,” he noted “This project will be helpful in stopping floods. If an opportunity is granted then we will construct the Bhasha Dam,” he promised, adding the PML-N government had already spent Rs 100 billion to acquire land for the project. Shahbaz said the PML-N government has succeeded in putting the country on the road to progress despite Imran Niazi’s sit-ins, chaos, allegations, hurdles and negative politics. The PML-N government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif successfully solved problems and brought a substantial reduction in terrorism and gave an economic boost,” he added. He said the Punjab government is using its resources to establish power projects supplying electricity to the entire country. “In 2012, Imran said why provinces are not generating electricity after the passage of 18th Amendment. At that time PPP was in power in the Centre and there were hurdles for us to generate electricity, but when we got the chance we installed electricity projects. On the other hand, Mr Khan says he would make the country self-sufficient in electricity but he only generated minus six megawatts of electricity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” he remarked. He said the recent report of UNDP has made it clear that Punjab is far ahead of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other provinces in education and health. Separately, former PPP MNA Tariq Shabbir Mayo called on Shahbaz and announced his decision to join the PML-N. Shahbaz welcomed Tariq Mayo and his colleagues in the party and said the pivot of PML-N’s politics is public welfare. “That is the reason, PML-N is the most popular and largest political party in the country, he added. Mayo said the PML-N is the genuine representative of masses, which has fulfilled the obligation of public service. It may be added here that Chaudhry Shabbir Mayo, father of Tariq Mayo, was elected twice as MNA on the PPP ticket.The news.LahoreUniversity in Lahore

University of Sargodha VC hits back at FAPUASA

Punjab study - Sun, 06/03/2018 - 12:13
LAHORE:03 June: University of Sargodha (UoS) Vice Chancellor Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad has fired back at accusations leveled against him by representatives of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA). Talking to The Express Tribune, Dr Ahmad termed allegations of him targeting faculty members as baseless. He explained that any action taken against a member of the faculty was conducted by the relevant authority, which happens to be the syndicate of the varsity. Taking about the allegations against him, Ahmad said that those under inquiry used FAPUASA to defame the university. “If you want to reform a university, you have to take bold decisions. Change upsets the status quo and certain forces, which had a stake in the matter, created a ruckus against me as we gradually started the reformation process.” He termed the ‘stake’ as the quantity-based expansion of the university with the creation of private campuses. In 2012, he said the varsity had the highest number of private colleges in the province. “Due of this, the quality of education suffered. Some of those behind the expansion were part of the previous administration over here,” he said. University of Sargodha cancels affiliation of 71 colleges Inquires against those who were identified as involved were initiated by the Syndicate under the PEEDA Act. “These inquiries were not started by me, but the decision was taken by the Syndicate of the university. A dean, who was making unlawful appointments and was responsible for corruption at hostels, was also identified.” Earlier, members of FAPUASA held a press conference and met the governor to complain against the VC. They accused Ahmad of discriminating against the faculty and a dean, who they claimed was suspended for availing casual leaves. Dr Ahmad said corruption was unearthed during an audit of hostels and after two separate complaints. Based on this, an inquiry was unanimously initiated by the syndicate. The body ordered a probe under the PEEDA Act. The accused dean went to court against the body formed to probe his alleged corruption. The court stayed the probe after a media campaign was initiated. He said all cases had been dealt with according to the rules. Criticising FAPUASA, the VC said the association was targeting him. He added that a vice chancellor did not have the powers to start probes or initiate action. Ahmad stressed that was the responsibility of the syndicate which carried out the investigation under the rules. He continued that the university was defending all the decisions on various forums. The VC pointed out that there was no academic staff association (ASA) at UoS and therefore no member was part of FAPUASA. “They have no stake at the university. I am trying to change things and this is upsetting forced favouring the status quo”.Published in The Express Tribune, June 3rd, 2018.Sargodha(A-Sargodha University

Punjab Agriculture Expo on 23-24 June

Punjab study - Sun, 06/03/2018 - 12:12
LAHORE :June 3: Punjab Agriculture Department is organising Punjab Agri Expo 2018 at Expo Centre on 23-24 June. A spokesperson for the department said it would be a great opportunity for growers, processors and exporters to develop national as well as international linkages for development and export of agricultural products. He said, “this event will be a commitment of the department to promote Pakistan as a land of investment and opportunities, for growth of agricultural trade in domestic and international markets and to initiate a collaborative dialogue between passionate minds that envision a prosperous future.” Pakistan having all the resources is the preferred country where lots of investment opportunities are emerging to support the sustainability of quality food production and government is committed to facilitate foreign investors with provision of technical services. Punjab Agriculture Department had organised first Pakistan Horti Expo on 13-14 January which promoted Pakistan as a land of investment and opportunities. APP adds: Justice (retd) Sayed Zahid Hussain, Chairman Special Committee of Experts, constituted by the Supreme Court on the Orange Line Metro Train Project, paid a visit to the site to overview progress and speed of work at GPO Chowk, Supreme Court Registry, Shah Chiragh Building, Andrew’s Church and Mauj Darya shrine and mosque. In between boundary wall and footpath towards Supreme Court Registry, there was a strip of land earmarked for greenbelt and the strip of land was in depression, dusty and as such hazardous for pedestrians. The chairman directed LDA authorities, the executing agency, to immediately fill the strip of land to the level of footpath to avoid any accident. The road leading to Shah Chiragh Building from the main road was uneven and in bad shape. The chairman directed LDA officials to renovate the road. Major work on the main road in front of the Supreme Court Registry and GPO has been completed and the Lahore Development Authority authorities were directed to remove green sheets and scaffoldings from the buildings.The news.Lahore

research universityPostgraduate course in human rights welcomed

Punjab study - Sun, 06/03/2018 - 11:40
LAHORE:02 June: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has welcomed a decision by an independent research university to initiate a postgraduate course in human rights and development – inspired by late Asma Jahangir, HRCP’s co-founder – as part of its MPhil Development Studies programme. The university has put up a portrait of Ms Jahangir in its Graduate Institute of Development Studies gallery. Her predecessors on this roll of honour include eminent scholars Dr Mahbub-ul-Haq and Dr Hamza Alvi, both of whom contributed enormously to developing a human rights perspective on economic development. In a statement issued Friday, HRCP has said it ‘greatly appreciates the university’s decision to acknowledge Asma Jahangir and her contribution to the human rights movement in Pakistan.’ Briefing: Pakistan Railways Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aftab Akbar visited Lahore Railway Station along with Divisional Superintendent Muhammad Sufyan Dogar and other officers. He was breifed about the facilities being provided to the passengers.The news.LahoreUniversity in Lahore

Punjab University Officers association elects office-bearers

Punjab study - Sun, 06/03/2018 - 11:38
LAHORE:02 June: A meeting of Punjab University Officers Welfare Association was held the other day in which office bearers of the association were elected. Chief Pharmacist & Resident Officer-I Iftikhar Ahmad Ch has been elected as President, Deputy Registrar Administration-II Imtiaz Ahmad as Vice-President, Assistant Registrar Affiliation Muhammad Abbas as General Secretary, Network Administrator Controller Office Rana Muzaffar Ali as Joint Secretary, Deputy Director IT Mujtaba Ali Gondal as Publicity Secretary and Treasurer University Rao Muhammad Tahir Rafique as the Treasurer of the association.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

show cause notices to schoolteachers for failing to join duty with RO

Punjab study - Sun, 06/03/2018 - 11:37
LAHORE:02 June: District Education Authority (DEA), Lahore has issued show cause cum personal hearing notices to a number of schoolteachers for failing to join duty with Returning Officer (RO) concerned vis-a-vis General Elections 2018. These notices have been issued under PEEDA Act 2016 for personal hearing on June 06. “Now, therefore, you are directed to appear before the undersigned for personal hearing on 06-06-2018 at 9:00 AM along with tangible documents/ justification in your defence, as to why the penalty mentioned under Section 4 of PEEDA Act 2006 may not be imposed on you,” reads one such notice issued to a teacher. The move has spread panic among the schoolteachers who have been demanding for a long time to spare teachers from non-academic duties.The news.Lahore

Prof Dr Naeem Khan appointed as first VC of University of Baltistan

Punjab study - Fri, 06/01/2018 - 14:18
LAHORE:01 June: Punjab University’s Faculty of Life Sciences Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan has been appointed as the first Vice-Chancellor of University of Baltistan. He has been appointed for three years. President of Pakistan in his capacity as Chancellor of University of Baltistan has appointed Dr Naeem as the first VC of the university in exercise of powers conferred by Section 10 (3) of the University of Baltistan Order 2016. Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan is a PhD in Zoology from the University of Guelph, Canada. He has served as Registrar Punjab University on different occasions and also as PU Director External Linkages. He has won numerous international awards including the prestigious Turkish “Mevlana (Rumi) Academic Exchange Programme Award” 2017, four month EU Erasmus Mundus Academic Staff Visiting Professor Fellowship for the University of Crete, Greece (2016); six months EU Erasmus Mundus Post-Doctoral Fellowship for the University of Zagreb, Croatia (2015-16); FAO Global Fisheries Travel Award for Rome, Italy (2015), Norwegian Fisheries Award for Trondheim, Norway (2014); American Fisheries Society Travel Award for Mazatlán, Mexico (2014) and the World Aquaculture Society Travel Award for Adelaide, Australia (2014).The news. LahoreUniversity in Lahore

Punjab Compulsory education of Holy Quran in Schools

Punjab study - Thu, 05/31/2018 - 16:05
Lahore:31 May:To pass the bill of prerequisite education of Quran recitation with translation from grade one to intermediate is the historic accomplishment of the Punjab government. Provincial Minister for Education Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan said this while addressing a ceremony organised by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) with reference to the compulsory education of Holy Quran in schools here on Wednesday. PCTB Managing Director Abdul Qayyum, PEC Chief Executive Rao Muhammad Aslam, Additional Director Syed Mubashar Hussain and DPI Schools Mumtaz Shah were also present at the occasion. Minister said it was the result of joint efforts of school education department and Punjab Assembly to implement education of Quran with translation. He congratulated Provincial Secretary Education Lt General (R) Myhammad Akran Khan and PCTB MD Abdul Qayyum in this regard. The programme has been initiated as a pilot programme from Bahalwapur. The education of Quran with translation will help to minimise the issue of sectarianism and encourage mutual cooperation and national integrity, said minister. Rana Mashhood further said we had to go with the slogan of “La-illah-ila-Allah”. “Quranic education will become a source of character building and guidance to the youth,” he said.He said according to PCTB Act-2015, the publishing and selling of books without the prior consent of PCTB was a serious offence and Punjab Text Book Board was vigilant in this regard. Islamic Scholar Moulana Muhammad Hussain Akbar said it was great to implement the education of Quran according to our constitution. He said the Book of Allah (Quran) should be our guide. Secretory Education Rana Hassan Akhter said the approval of bill of Quranic education would enhance the implementation of Islamic education. He said enrollment of students went higher in schools in recent years. Punjab Curriculum and Text Book Board had achieved mile stone by providing the books before time in the current year, he added. Lt General (R) Muhammad Akram said according to the approved bill of Assembly with guidance of joint Ulema Board, the Quranic education would be implemented from grade one to twelve. Abdul Qayyum said Quranic syllabus and books would be prepared in the light of recommendations of clerics of all sects. greeted: Pakistan Diploma Engineers Federation general secretary Qazi M Arif has congratulated the engineers who were awarded the appreciation certificates and cash prizes from Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He said Liaquat Hussain, superintending engineers building, Amir Mustafa, additional secretary highway, Mir Usman, superintending engineers highway, Abdul Qayyum, XEN buildings and M Ammar, section officer highway, were the asset of their department. The aforementioned officers have completed mega projects in record time which brought honour for the department. Under the supervision of M Mushtaq Ahmed, additional chief secretary C&W, the department rose to new heights.The news.Lahore

PU VC Search Committee completed interviews of over 40 candidates

Punjab study - Wed, 05/30/2018 - 13:12
LAHORE:30 May: The Vice-Chancellor (VC) Search Committee on Tuesday completed interviews of over 40 candidates who were shortlisted for the post of VC of Punjab University (PU), it is learnt. A total of 17 candidates were shortlisted for interviews on Tuesday while the Search Committee had also invited around four candidates to interviews on nominations. Sources privy to the developments said 21 candidates were invited to interviews on the first day, Monday. One of them did not turn up. They added on Tuesday again one of the candidates could not make it to appear for the interview. Sources said around six candidates were interviewed via Skype on Tuesday while others appeared before the Search Committee which again met at the Arfa Software Technology Part (ASTP). Sources said some of the candidates were sent invitations via email. They added keeping in view urgency of the matter in the wake of Supreme Court order for appointment of VC at Punjab University; the Search Committee concluded the interviews on Tuesday. Sources also said since the interview process was complete, the Search Committee was likely to send panel of three most suitable candidates to the chief minister as soon as possible. They added as the existing term of the incumbent PML-N government was about to expire, the government would make the appointment soon. They claimed the notification of regular VC was most likely to be issued on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Expat gets plot: A Belgium-based overseas Pakistani has succeeded in getting possession of his plot worth Rs 9 million due to the efforts of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab. OPC Vice-Chairperson Senator Shaheen Khalid Butt and Commissioner Afzaal Bhatti said that Syed Makhdoom Iqbal, settled in Brussels, Belgium, filed a complaint that he purchased a 10-marla plot in a private housing society of Lahore in 2013 and made all the payment but he was yet to get its possession. They said an OPC team contacted the administration of the housing society and ensured the provision of plot to the overseas Pakistani. They said the OPC was vigorously pursuing the issues of overseas Pakistanis and had solved thousands of complaints amicably so far.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Punjab University: Body to interview VC candidates today

Punjab study - Mon, 05/28/2018 - 19:57
LAHORE:28 May: A total of 26 shortlisted candidates for the position of vice chancellor for the Punjab University will appear for interview today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) for the preliminary round of interviews. The Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) has issued letters to the selected candidates to appear before the search committee for interview. HED had scheduled the interviews of 20 candidates today, whereas 6 aspirants would appear before the Search Committee on Tuesday. As per the letters, the candidates have been told to appear for interview at the conference room of the Arfa Software Technology Park on the given date. Names of 101 candidates were sent to the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) for scrutiny. While the PHEC will submit 40 names for interviews by the search committee, who would finalise three names as well as recommend a name from among those to the chief minister for final approval. Sources close to the matter said that because of the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the government was in a hurry to appoint vice chancellors at government-owned universities of the province. Because of this, 26 candidates were being interviewed, while the PHEC completes the scrutiny process for the rest and submit 13 more names for interviews to the Search Committee. The shortlisted candidates for the interview are former and current vice chancellors as well as senior academics from the Punjab University and other varsities. The interviewees include Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Dr Muhammad Zakria Zakar, Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar, Dr Rauf-i-Azam, Dr Farhat Saleemi, Dr Shahid Kamal, Dr Shahid Munir, Dr Javed Ahmad, Dr Khalid Mahmood, Dr Muhammad Zuber, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Abbas Chaudhry, Dr Muhammad Tufail, Dr Muhammad Ishtiaq Qadri, Dr Tayyab Husnain, Muhammad Iqbal, Dr Maqbool Hussain Sial, Dr Mubashar Ahmad, Dr Islam Ullah Khan, Dr Riaz Ahmad, Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Syed Muhammad Awais, Dr Tahir Kamran, Dr Allah Bakhsh, Dr Tariq Mahmood Ansari and Dr Hanif Akhtar. Meanwhile, the search committee for the Punjab University, which includes Razzaq Dawood as convener and Dr Umar Saif, Dr Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, Fauzia Viqar as members, and HED secretary as member and secretary of the committee, met on Saturday at the Government College University (GCU) Lahore.Published in The Express Tribune, May 28th, 2018.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Minhaj University closes down girls’ hostel, expels 320 girls

Punjab study - Mon, 05/28/2018 - 19:55
LAHORE:28 May: More than 320 female students of the Minhaj University were expelled from the hostel on Sunday for leaking a video of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur where he was shouting on them. Some students left the university hostel after PAT leader shouted at the students, whereas other students had been told to vacate the university. One student, who wished not to be named, said that the administration told them that they were now free to do whatever they want. They told us, “You wanted freedom, now you have freedom to do whatever you want,” said the student. The incident came to the limelight when a video surfaced in which Gandapur was seen shouting and misbehaving with the female students in the girls’ hostel allegedly for protesting against the administration for not allowing them to attend an Iftar party outside the hostel. In the video, girls could be seen trying to explain their ‘issue’ to Gandapur who angrily denied their pleas. He could also be seen threatened the students of dire consequences and telling the students to shut up repeatedly. Gandapur could be heard saying, “You have not seen my other side. Have your parents not taught you any manners? Whoever raises a voice would be thrown out of the hostel.” Later, while giving his side of the story, Gandapur told media that the girls were misbehaving with the hostel administration when they stopped them from attending the Iftar party outside the hostel. He said that according to the rules, no girl was allowed to leave the hostel after 6pm. If anyone wanted to go outside after that time, she should be accompanied by a female staff member, he added. After the video went viral, the Minhaj administration took disciplinary action against the students who were protesting against them and later posted the video online on social media. The administration had announced that they had closed the hostel. They later expelled 320 students from the hostel. Parents of the students on Sunday also held a press conference outside the Minhajul Quran Secretariat. They condemned the behavior of Gandapur and said that closing the hostel was not a wise decision and punishment should be given to those involved in any illegal activity. They said that the administration should not play with the future of their children and the matter should be resolved by taking disciplinary action. They said that they had paid the entire fee at the time of the admission and also paid the remaining dues. They said that they were not involving in any politics and condemn the behavior of Gandapur and said that he should have shown respect to female students. PAT Spokesperson Noorullah Siddiqui, in a statement, said that Gandapur was looking after the matters of the hostel out of goodwill as it was not his responsibility. The statement said, “He wanted to give foolproof protection to the girls.” The statement further said that providing hostel facility was not part of any of their project, it was provided only after the insistence of parents and the rules were made in consultation with the parents. The statement also confirmed the closure of the hostels and said, “After last week’s incident, it is impossible to maintain discipline. Because of this, the administration has no other option other than to close the hostel,” the statement added. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairperson Dr Nizamuddin said that students had a right to protest and the commission was following the matter after it went viral on social media. He said that the behaviour [of Gandapur] was unjustified and the commission would take action if students approached them. He said that the commission would take up the matter with the Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) Secretary.Published in The Express Tribune, May 28th, 2018. LahoreUniversity in Lahore

Teachers demand salary increase in upcoming budget

Punjab study - Sun, 05/27/2018 - 12:10
MULTAN:27 May: The Punjab Teachers Union has demanded an increase in salaries of employees. “An increase of 100% should be ensured in house rent because it has not been increased for the last several years,” Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) Senior Vice President Rana Altaf Hussain said while speaking to journalists in Multan on Tuesday. He added, “The salaries of teachers are not sufficient and they are spending a miserable life.” He demanded that house rent should be given on the basis of current basic pay. Hussain also criticised the government over deduction of conveyance allowance from the salaries of teachers. He maintained the government should increase the salaries of teachers by 100% so that they could discharge their duties with enthusiasm and commitment. The PTU vice president pointed out that it had become difficult to manage household expenses in meagre salaries due to inflation. Published in The Express Tribune 27 May:Multan

prime minister should announced three-month honorarium for every govt employee

Punjab study - Sun, 05/27/2018 - 12:08
Lahore:27 May:According to the statement, “The status of the state is like a mother and mothers don’t differentiate between their children.” The PTU leadership said that the prime minister should have played his role and announced the three-month honorarium for every government employee of the country. They said that as many as three million government employees are working day and night for the stability and progress of the country. They asked why then the additional pay was announced for just federal employees? The statement said that differentiation between federal and provincial government employees was unacceptable. “Therefore, the prime minister should, at once, announce the honorarium for all the government employees of the country.” They said that if the current government continued to differentiate between the federal and provincial employees, they would face the consequences in the upcoming general elections. “The three million employees equate to 15 million votes,” the statement added. Published in The Express Tribune, May 27th, 2018.Lahore

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