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Teachers’ Front demands ex-PU VC’s name be put on ECL

Punjab study - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 11:30
LAHORE:09 January:A group of teachers from Punjab University have demanded of the provincial government to put the name of former provisional vice-chancellor’s name on the exit control list (ECL) and a thorough investigation should be carried out against him for alleged irregularities. A statement issued by the Teachers’ Front on Monday stated that the teachers demand that Dr Zafar Moin Nasar should not be given a safe passage and instead legal action should be initiated against him. The statement added that teachers were celebrating the exit of the former VC. The statement stated that Dr Nasar proved to be a very controversial vice-chancellor. It said that after taking charge, he fired 45 senior teachers and after much criticism from academics, he was forced to withdraw his decision. It said that Dr Nasar’s qualification for the post of the vice-chancellor had been challenged in the Lahore High Court and his policies would have a long-term negative effect on the varsity. The statement said that the teachers’ community would not rest until action was taken against him. “Members of the Punjab University Academic Staff Association and Senators appeal to the chief minister and chancellor to not give him a safe passage and conduct a thorough investigation against him and recover millions looted from the Punjab University,” the statement stated. Meanwhile, the Punjab University Academic Staff Association (ASA) – the elected representative body of teachers, supported the former provisional vice-chancellor. In a statement, ASA President Javed Sami condemned the statement by the Teachers’ Front and said that Dr Nasar was an honest man as well as being a pro-merit vice-chancellor. He said that the teachers’ community supports all the initiatives taken by him, including holding selection board and bringing peace to the university campus among other things. He said, “The teachers’ community has already rejected the Teachers’ Front for supporting the illegal activities during the tenure of the former vice-chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran.” Sami said that the faculty would not accept any attempt at character assassination of Dr Zafar Moin Nasar.” He demanded of the Punjab government to immediately advertise the vacant post of the vice-chancellor. He said that the government should ensure that that a permanent vice-chancellor be appointed so that academic and research activities at the varsity could continue. Earlier on January 5, provisional vice-chancellor Dr Zafar Moin Nasar resigned from his position. His resignation came after claims of government’s pressure to handover land of the varsity as well as allegations of Dr Nasar’s involvement in financial and administrative irregularities during his tenure. However, Dr Zafar Moin contended that he had been under immense pressure by the provincial government to provide two kanals of land of the Punjab University to the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F). The government had asked for the land to build a mosque which was going to be demolished due to the development work on Orange Line Metro Train project.Published in The Express Tribune, January 9th, 2018.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Orientation of Rawalpindi Law College students held

Punjab study - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 11:29
Rawalpindi:January 9: Chief Executive of Rawalpindi Law College (RLC) Peerzada Rahat Masood Quddusi said that the lawyers of today are the future of Pakistan. These students will lead the nation in the practical life and will enlighten their country and will elevate the green flag to its zenith, says a press release. He stated this while addressing the students of RLC in a welcome party arranged for the new students of LLB-I. RLC Principal Mushtaq Ali Khan Baloch, Jinnah Institute of Informatics & Commerce Principal Masood Sultan Ch. and Rawalpindi College of Commerce Principal Hamid Mehmood were also present on the occasion. Rahat Quddusi said the law students must be updated with the latest innovations in their profession because traditional modes of these legal practices do not lead to the professional culmination. The law students must be completely aware of the new academic dimensions and the practical facets of the legal profession. He said that the lawyers are the most significant community of a state who play vital role in seeking justice for human being. RLC in affiliations with the Punjab University is diligently performing its educational and professional duties for the last 30 years. I feel great pleasure and elevation to mention that RLC produced exemplary results in Annual Examination of 2016-17 of the Punjab University. I pray that RLC should continue achieving its goals and progress continuously and our green Pak flag should be at the top in the comity of the nations of the world. At the end of the ceremony, students performed different skits, tableaus, songs and funny speeches.The news.RawalpindiUniversity in rawalpindiRawalpindi Medical College

SLS School celebrates ‘World as a Global Village

Punjab study - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 11:27
Rawalpindi:January 9: All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School are celebrating ‘World as a Global Village’ as the theme for their on-going term. Following this theme SLS Tufail Road Branch recently held an Information Fair in which they highlighted a wide array of cultural traditions, food, performances and music from around the globe, says a press release. The purpose of the information fair was to make the students aware of the rapid globalisation and its effects on our everyday life style. Multiple display corners were decorated by each grade level and the school ground looked like a small global village. The primary & secondary students displayed as well as presented projects related to sports, art, culture, style, food and music to show that how a simple melody, a mouth-watering cuisine or a festival celebrated anywhere across the globe aims towards a peaceful global community. The primary students focused on the global aspects of food, sports and festivals. The display corners were seen to be packed with visitors as the students confidently explained in detail about various food chains being run across the globe and the diverse range of sports played in different parts of the world and how they are contributing towards globalization. A display corner show casing various festivals celebrated across the globe was loved by everyone. One by one the students shared information about the origin and religious associations of festivals like Eid, Halloween, Christmas, The Dragon Festival and Basant. The secondary students emphasized on the global aspect of media and music. Students of grade 7 and grade 8 described the importance of social media in connecting people all across the globe and the role of music in bringing people closer through melodies respectively. The highlight of the Information Fair was the colourful and stylish ‘Global Bridal Couture’ pageant in which the girls of grade 9th and 10th dressed up as brides from across the globe. One by one they walked up the stage and very elegantly presented the versatility of styles adopted and shared by the women across the globe in terms of fashion. The special event was appreciated by the parents and students as they enjoyed food served at the food stalls. Managing Director SLS Schools Asiya Talha appreciated the Section Head Samina Zeeshan along with the staff and students and said that all across the globe people adapt to things that are not necessarily a part of their own country. This dependency is not restricted to commodities but it encompasses food, clothing, culture, economy and lifestyle. Therefore the need to understand that we are living in a highly connected globe has become urgent.The news.Rawalpindi

Zakaria is new Vice Chancellor of Punjab University

Punjab study - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 11:26
Lahore:January 9:Punjab Governor/Chancellor has appointed Dr Muhammad Zakaria Zakar as Vice Chancellor of Punjab University (PU) till the appointment of a regular official. The governor has accepted the resignation of interim VC Prof Dr Zaffar Mueen Nasar with effect from Jan 6. Dr Zaffar Mueen had abruptly resigned from the post after serving the university for around a year on an interim basis. It was alleged that he had resigned in protest against the Punjab government for pressurizing him to give 2-kanal of the university land to a seminary. However, according to PU teachers, the teaching community had resisted the move and the VC had not done so. They had even demanded the government hold an inquiry against former VC Dr Zaffar for his alleged corruption as highlighted by the Minister for Higher Education. Meanwhile, Punjab University’s Teachers Front (PU-TF) has demanded the government place the name of Dr Zaffar Mueen Nasar on the Exit Control List (ECL) and not to offer him a safe exit.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

New role: Dr Zakria Zakar to take charge as acting VC of PU today

Punjab study - Mon, 01/08/2018 - 12:15
LAHORE:08 January:Dr Zakria Zakar, who has been serving as the Dean of Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences and Director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies (ISCS) at the Punjab University, will take charge as the acting vice chancellor of the Punjab University on Monday (today). A notification in this regard is expected to be issued by the Punjab Higher Education Department (HED). According to sources of the HED, Dr Zakar was selected because he was one of the three shortlisted candidates for the position of VC for the Punjab University in 2015. The official said that the decision had been made and the department would soon issue a notification to this effect. When contacted, Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani confirmed the appointment of Dr Zakar for the Punjab University. Dr Zakar is being appointed to the position after provisional vice chancellor Dr Zafar Mueen Nasar resigned from the position recently. His resignation came after claims of government’s pressure to hand over land of the varsity as well as allegations on Dr Nasar for financial and administrative irregularities during his tenure. Dr Nasar contended that he had been under immense pressure by the Punjab government to give two kanals of land of the Punjab University to the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F). The government had asked for the land to build a mosque which was going to be demolished due to the Orange Line Metro Train project. On the other hand, Gillani had written to the chief minister of Punjab to probe the alleged irregularities by Dr Zafar and his use of chancellor’s powers without approval. In the 26-point charge-sheet, the minister recommended that the Chief Minister’s Inspection Team (CMIT) investigate the irregularities and asked for the removal of the provisional vice chancellor in the meantime. The Punjab government has been unable to finalise the appointment of a permanent VC at the Punjab University since 2015. A case, in the Lahore High Court (LHC), contesting the legal authority over the appointment of the VC, as well as appointing Dr Nasar as provisional vice chancellor until a decision was made. The case ended in favour of the Punjab government and the LHC, in April 2017, gave the Punjab government a go-ahead to appoint vice chancellors in public universities in the province. The court also told the government to appoint a vice chancellor from among the three names finalised by the vice chancellors’ search committee earlier. Among the proposed names were former vice chancellor Dr Mujhaid Kamran, Dr Zafar Mueen Nasar and Dr Zakria Zakar. However, the Punjab government decided to re-advertise the post after revamping the rules for the appointment of vice chancellors and the search committees. The Punjab government has since made little progress to appoint permanent vice chancellors and is in the process of finalising the procedures for the appointments. Dr Zakar is the recipient of the Presidential Pride of Performance in 2015 and also received the Best University Teacher Award for 2012-13 by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). Published in The Express Tribune, January 8th, 2018.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Grade 3 students across Punjab to take part in test

Punjab study - Mon, 01/08/2018 - 12:14
LAHORE:08 January:The Punjab School Education Department (SED) has ordered to prepare for the six-monthly assessment of grade 3 students in public and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) schools. A total of 430 schools have been selected for the assessment for March 18, out of which 250 are government-run schools and 180 are PEF schools. The children of these schools will take part in the examination scheduled to be held between February 26 and March 10. The schools are selected from all 36 districts of the province. The assessment will be held for three subjects -Urdu, Mathematics and English. Government introduces education programme for adults According to a letter sent by the SED, “The department is making concerted efforts to improve quality of education by measuring learning outcomes through the six-monthly assessments of Grade 3 students of government and PEF schools across Punjab.” The letter gave instruction for the staff of various departments and officials involved with the assessment process and also informed that external invigilators would conduct the exam. SED Secretary Dr Allah Baksh Malik told The Express Tribune that the assessment was part of the government’s literacy and numeracy test, through which they test the learning outcomes of children. The assessment was aimed at testing what the teachers’ have taught and what has been learned by the students. The test was not a traditional test, which the SED takes every three months, rather it had multiple choice questions, he said. “This assessment is in addition to exams taken by the SED and was administered and monitored by an external agency,” he said. He added that the current assessment was the mid-term test, and another one would be taken in October, when the academic year ended. He said that this assessment, taken by an external agency, was used to devise the district ranking of schools. The letter asked the District Education Authorities (DEAs) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to start preparing for the assessment and directed teachers in their jurisdiction to prepare their students for the tests. It further said that the Technical Assistance Management Organisation (TAMO), a private firm, and School Reform Roadmap team representatives would perform the invigilation and monitoring duties of the assessment test in selected schools. The letter stated, “CEOs (DEA) are requested to ensure schools cooperate with the invigilation and the monitoring teams at the time of the test.”The news. Lahore

Affiliation of 71 private colleges to be revoked

Punjab study - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:59
SARGODHA:03 January: The University of Sargodha syndicate in its third and last meeting of 2017 has approved disaffiliation of 71 private sector colleges for their poor performance and falling short of the required standards. It also approved the establishment of Noon Business School in recognition of the services of the Noon family for the cause of Pakistan. In addition, the syndicate approved the launching of an evening programme (certificate, diploma and MSc) in military sciences and management. As a long-awaited step, the revised service statutes of the employees of grades 1 to 21 were also recommended. The syndicate approved the appointment of more than 150 regular faculty members in different departments of the university, including eight professors, nine associate professors, 32 assistant professors and 80 lecturers. The appointments, made through a merit-based transparent process, were recommended by two successive selection boards. The syndicate took notice of the alleged subversive activities of a teacher and recommended his removal from all statutory bodies, including the office of social sciences dean. It approved to grant 15 PhD degrees to candidates of different faculties. It also sanctioned an increase of 200-400 per cent in the death compensation benefits for the families of the deceased employees of the university during their service by bringing the benefits on a par with that of the government employees. The meeting chaired by Vice Chancellor Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed was attended by all syndicate members, including GCU Lahore VC Prof Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, parliamentarians Dr. Nadia Aziz, Waris Kaloo and Gazanfar Cheena, representatives from higher education department and Higher Education Commission, education board secretary and principals of Jauharabad and Mianwali colleges. Published in Dawn, January.SargodhaSargodha University

Govt asks Punjab University to give land to religious party

Punjab study - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:57
LAHORE:03 January: The Punjab government on Monday asked the Punjab University (PU) administration to hand over its prime two kanals to a religious party. Adviser to Chief Minister Khwaja Ahmed Hassaan held a meeting with the university authorities at 90 Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam on Monday and forced them to let the government acquire the land without any delay. PU Vice Chancellor Zaffar Mueen Nasar, four deans, resident officers 1 and 2, the treasurer and the director of sports were present. The Punjab government had acquired the land of a seminary at Chauburji to accommodate the route of the Orange Line Train project, and now forced the university to give up its land to compensate the seminary. Seminary land was acquired for Orange Line train project One of the participants in the meeting told Dawn that the university authorities asked Mr Hassaan to build the seminary in question on the acquired land of the PU near the PIA Planetarium. “The provincial government told the PU administration and teachers that the land would remain property of the university and the mosque or seminary would also be constructed by the PU using its own procedures and offices,” a varsity official told Dawn. “The fact is the government’s agreement with the mosque committee reveals the contract guarantees allocation of land for the mosque/seminary at a place in the university grounds at Old Campus and it will always remain in the legal control of the mosque administration while the PU administration will have nothing to do with it.” The PU Academic Staff Association recently passed a resolution against the purposed land plan. They said under the PU Act, the land only could be used for academic purposes. Last week, a meeting of all PU deans and principals of constituent colleges was held under the chairmanship of the VC Dr Nasar for a syndicate meeting they demanded that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif stop snatching the PU land and instead, construct the mosque on the premises of other government offices on Lake Road (next to Madrassatul Banat). In the last decade, the government has taken over over 33 PU kanals for the expansion of Pekhewal Mor, the Baba Ground (a.k.a. Chishtia High School Ground) next to the Punjab Secretariat, over 305 kanals for Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, eight-kanals for the Orange Train and now eyes on two kanals more for the same project. The Punjab government has not paid even a single penny to the PU for the land. Sources say then VC Dr Mujahid Kamran gave away the land for road under an unwritten promise from the government that he would be given the third tenure as PU VC. The road has cut the once lush green serene PU New Campus into two halves . The road claimed the life of a female student when a bus hit her on Dec 13. The provincial government had also promised to build two underpasses and paying Rs300 million to the PU for the acquired land. Despite the passages of years, the government has not fulfilled its promise. The government also violated the agreement regarding construction of the commercial market on both sides of the road. The New Campus land was bought from the government by paying around Rs6.4m in 1963. In 1997, then VC Prof Dr Khalid Hameed Sheikh had preferred quitting the post, instead of giving four marlas to the government for a slip road at the Barkat Market crossing. Teachers urged the chief justice to take suo moto of ‘snatching’ of the PU land.Published in Dawn, LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Punjab University VC tells teachers land won’t be given to govt

Punjab study - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:55
LAHORE:03 January: Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Moeen Nasar on Tuesday assured faculty members that the varsity will not give the land of its Old Campus sports ground to the provincial government. He gave this assurance at a meeting of representatives of different groups of teachers on Tuesday. Academic Staff Association President Javed Sami, Secretary Iftikhar Ahmed Tarrar, Academic Forum President Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar, Prof Dr Fakhrul Haq Noori, Prof Dr Rafaqat Ali Akbar, Prof Dr Sajid Rashid, Dr Mahboob Hussain and Dr Muhammad Farooq Shahid participated in the meeting. The government is said to be forcing the university administration to let it acquire two kanals of the varsity’s Old Campus sports ground near Chauburji to compensate a religious party. The Punjab government had acquired the seminary land at Chauburji to accommodate the route of the Orange Line Train project, and was now forcing the university to give up its land as compensation. Staff member says Hassaan told to give Planetarium land to religious party All groups of the university’s faculty members who are set to participate in the upcoming election of the syndicate had expressed concern over giving more land to the government to compensate a religious party. One of the participants said they met with Khwaja Ahmad Hassaan and pointed out another piece of government land that could be given to the religious party for constructing a seminary. He said the sports ground had historical significance as Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had addressed Muslims before the creation of Pakistan. And it would also impact the extracurricular activities of students, he said. The vice chancellor also assured the teachers that they would not give the land to the government and would instead suggest they give away the PIA Planetarium land to the religious party. Dr Nasar also expressed the desire that teachers play a role in promoting a positive environment at the university while participating in the syndicate’s upcoming elections. The meeting also condemned anonymous letters against the vice chancellor. All the groups of teachers agreed that mudslinging must be avoided and everybody should take care of each other’s self-respect. The meeting also agreed that such elements must be exposed and action taken against them.Published in Dawn, January 3rd, 2018LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Punjab University teachers to resist govt demand

Punjab study - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:54
LAHORE:January 3:Punjab University (PU) teachers expressing concern over the request of the Punjab government demanding two kanal prime PU land at Old Campus sports ground observed that the university land could not be used other than academic and co-curricular purposes. They vowed to resist any such move. The meeting of different groups of teachers was convened by the Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Moeen Nasir who speaking on the occasion said the teachers must respect each other to ensure pleasant academic atmosphere on the campus.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

Govt releases Rs3.5b to district authorities for schools

Punjab study - Tue, 01/02/2018 - 13:23
LAHORE:02January:The Punjab government released Rs3.5 billion in the non-salary budget (NSB) for schools and placed the amount for each district in the Special Drawing Accounts (SDAs) of the District Education Authority’s Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) accounts. The released amount is the second installment for the fiscal year 2017-18 released by the provincial government. It also ordered to place the sanctioned amount in the existing District Education Authority (SDAs) of DEAs and District Education Officers (Secondary) (DEOs). The release of funds for the second quarter of the current fiscal year is part of the Punjab government’s move to give some financial independence to schools so that they could improve infrastructure, hire part-time staff etc. A formula has also been devised to pay the NSB funds to all primary, elementary, high and higher secondary schools in each of the 36 districts of the province. According to the allocation made for the 2nd quarter each district, Attock received Rs72.57 million, Bahawalnagar Rs123 million, Bahawalpur Rs92.31 million, Bhakkar Rs73.15 million, Chakwal Rs58.36 million, Chiniot Rs51.8 million, Dera Ghazi Khan Rs104.18 million, Faisalabad Rs243.9 million, Gujranwala Rs124.09 million, Gujrat Rs97.91 million, Hafizabad Rs45.64 million, Jehlum Rs48.73 million, Jhang Rs103.87 million, Kasur Rs118.46 million, Khanewal Rs123.12 million, Khushab Rs52.50 million, Lahore Rs168.42 million, Layyah Rs85.86 million, Lodhran Rs49.83 million, Mandi Bahauddin Rs62.38 million, Mianwali Rs70.13 million, Multan Rs106.93 million, Muzaffargarh Rs107.71 million, Nankana Sahib Rs54.85 million, Narowal Rs77.1 million, Okara Rs115.19 million, Pakpattan Rs71.68 million, Rahim Yar Khan Rs160.07 million, Rajanpur Rs53.43 million, Rawalpindi Rs116.09 million, Sahiwal Rs100.73 million, Sargodha Rs141.95 million, Sheikhupura Rs94.89 million, Sialkot Rs123.1 million, Toba Tek Singh Rs100.57 million and Vehari Rs105.3 million. The Punjab Management and Implementation Unit of the Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme (PMIU-PESRP) has also written a letter to all CEOs of DEAs to ensure allocation and transfer of funds to individual schools in their respective districts. The letter stated, “Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities are requested to ensure that every school council already has an exclusive bank account for these funds. The head teachers and co-chairperson will continue to be the custodian of school council funds as co-signatories. The school council NSB account can only be opened in the name of the school.” Furthermore, the letter said that all NSB funds provided to schools would be subject to audit by the Auditor General of Pakistan. The officials have also been directed to ensure ‘effective and efficient’ monitoring and utilization of the funds, the letter added. A similar transfer of NSB funds of Rs3.5 billion was made for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2017-18.Published in The Express Tribune, January 2nd, 2018.Lahore

GC University completes 154 years

Punjab study - Tue, 01/02/2018 - 13:21
LAHORE:January 2: Government College University (GCU), one of the oldest seats of higher learning in Pakistan, Monday completed 154 years of its academic journey. According to a press release, Founders' Day cake-cutting ceremony was held in which Vice-Chancellor Prof Hassan Amir Shah expressed gratitude to principals, professors and students whose hard work and efforts brought this great institution to its present position of eminence. He proudly said that GCU in its 154 years academic travel produced hundreds of eminent literary figures, politicians, two Nobel Laureates, four prime ministers, jurists, sportsmen, generals in armed forces and scientists. Prof Shah said the biggest challenge, which GCU had been facing for last many decades, was of space for initiating new academic programmes. “I hope, in 2018, this issue would be resolved to some extent, as the first phase of university's new campus at Kala Shah Kaku is near completion,” he added. A large number of Old Ravians also sent felicitation messages through letters, social media and email to their alma mater on its Founders' Day.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahoreGC University Lahore

After winter break Campuses re-open today

Punjab study - Mon, 01/01/2018 - 13:00
LAHORE:01January: After annual winter holidays, public sector schools and most of the private schools across Punjab will reopen on Monday (today). According to the schools department notification, the break schedule applies both on public and private schools. However, some private schools do not follow the schedule and adjust their break as per their own academic calendar. After annual winter holidays, public sector schools and most of the private schools across Punjab will reopen on Monday (today). According to the schools department notification, the break schedule applies both on public and private schools. However, some private schools do not follow the schedule and adjust their break as per their own academic calendar.The news.Lahore

Alhamra Literary sitting

Punjab study - Mon, 01/01/2018 - 12:58
LAHORE:01 January: English Literary Society and Progressive Writers' Association held a session on Japan-born British novelist and short-story writer Kazuo IShiguro at Alhamra Adbi Baithak. It was presided over by Prof Anwar-ul-Haq. The chief guests were Salma Awan and Asim Butt. The writers, including Amjad Tufail, Rubia Jilani, Raza Naeem, Asim Shujaee, Mian Salah-ud-Din, Comrade Shafique and Dr Atta-ul-Wudood gave their views saying the writer was a contemporary fiction writer of all times.The news.Lahore

New students advised to focus on research activities

Punjab study - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 12:09
Rawalpindi :December 28: An orientation ceremony for the new students of Agriculture Faculty was held at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) Research Farm Koont, here on Wednesday. The ceremony is a regular activity of the University which is arranged for the newly-enrolled students to familiarise them with the university's environment, its rules and regulations, so that students can sail smoothly while earning their degree and harvest optimal benefits out of available facilities. The University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sarwat N. Mirza, while welcoming the new entrants, highlighting the University's efforts for quality education, he said PMAS-AAUR has been striving to provide access to quality literature by facilitating the students with modern technologies. He stressed the students to work hard and focus on research activities with an aim to lead the country towards progress and prosperity. Vice chancellor congratulated the students for becoming the part of this prestigious institution. He said that this university provides an environment that enables its students to develop their academic moral and spiritual excellence and this institution endeavoured professionalism and demand a sense of responsibility from its students. He advised the students to take the opportunity that had been bestowed upon them and put all their efforts to achieve academic career.The news.RawalpindiUniversity in rawalpindiAgriculture University Rawalpindi

Punjab University results of MSc Botany, MSc Geography, MSc Physics and MSc Zoology.

Punjab study - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 12:06
Lahore:December 28:Punjab University on Wednesday declared results of Part-I annual examination 2017 of MSc Botany, MSc Geography, MSc Physics and MSc Zoology.The news. LahoreUniversity in LahorePunjab University Lahore

9th convocation of the University of Veterinary Quality education priority: minister

Punjab study - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 12:05
LAHORE:December 28: The 9th convocation of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) was held here on Wednesday. Pro-Chancellor/Punjab Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development Asif Saeed Manais chaired the convocation in which 1,256 graduates were conferred degrees and 67 position-holders awarded medals. Out of the graduating students, 252 were DVMs, 282 BS (Hons), 83 Pharm-D, 50 doctors of Nutrition and Dietetics (DND), 40 MBAs, 20 MBF, 36 BBA (Hons), 157 MSc, 311 MPhil and 25 PhDs. According to a press release issued here, the pro-chancellor congratulated the graduating students on getting degrees and medals and urged them to play their due role in nation building. He lauded the progress achieved by the UVAS and positioned itself among the 2.5pc top universities of Asia, the seven best universities of Pakistan in sports and top 10 universities of the country. He said the government is committed to ensuring quality education and raising education standard is its top priority. He listed various initiatives in livestock and education sectors for development. Over Rs 2 billion initiatives for poverty alleviation and Punjab Chief Minister’s Dairy Development Programme under “Kissan Package” of Rs 10 billion to provide heifers and sheep and goats to poor women are the two noteworthy initiatives, he said. Earlier, the pro-chancellor along with the vice-chancellor gave away degrees to PhD scholars and medals to the position-winning graduates. Presenting the welcome address, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha spoke about the academics, research, development, extension programmes and community services of the university. He said with a history of 135 years of excellence, the UVAS has now positioned itself among top 2.5pc Asian universities as per QS World Universities Rankings 2018. As per Higher Education Commission Sports Ranking 2017, UVAS got 4th position among public sector universities of Pakistan and 7th among all public and private universities of the country, the vice-chancellor said, adding the UVAS is also among top 10 universities of Pakistan according to HEC overall ranking of Pakistani Higher Education Institutions for the last two years. Prof Pasha said UVAS is swiftly achieving milestones of need-based multi-level education and establishing itself as talent development institution by using its knowledge, resources and skills for growth of human resources. He said this year UVAS also secured affiliation of Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. The vice-chancellor informed the audience that UVAS scientists are executing 91 research projects worth of Rs 1,051 million won by the faculty members from national and international funding agencies. He said the university is executing 10 development projects of Rs 4.5 billion being funded by the Punjab government. Seven of them are ongoing and three new ones approved during current financial year. Ongoing projects include 1 Establishment of Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at Bahawalpur, 2 Establishment of Training Centre for Biologics at UVAS, Ravi Campus Pattoki, 3 Development of Ostrich Farming in Punjab, 4 Propagation of Ducks Rearing in Punjab, 5 Development of Camel Milk Value Chain by adopting modern supply chain mechanism for enhancing farmers profitability in Punjab, 6 Establishment of Para-Veterinary School at Narowal and Provision of urgently needed academic block, students hostels and faculty apartments at UVAS City Campus Lahore. While the new development projects are 1 Establishment of Export Facilitation Center for livestock and poultry industry at UVAS, Lahore, 2 In service training facility of advance veterinary education and professional development for veterinary professionals and, 3 Acquisition of land for up-gradation of Para-Veterinary School, Narowal to College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Narowal. The vice-chancellor said that the UVAS is uniquely structured to provide wide-ranging services to the community including farmers, public and private stakeholders and the industry. The noteworthy services are diagnostics facilities, vaccine production, 24/7 clinical and extension services, consultancy and advisory services and policy framework, he said, adding that the university's outdoor facilities and teaching clinics handled over 20,000 cases during the year. He said that the Centre for Applied Policy Research in Livestock is generating innovative ideas from the laboratory and classroom into the public policy arena, encouraging economic growth, creating jobs, spurring investment, and increasing exports — delivering benefits for farmers and agricultural businesses across Pakistan. Given these facts, the UVAS is assuming a new role as an effective think-tank, the vice-chancellor concluded.The news.LahoreUniversity in LahoreVeterinary University Lahore

Protesting teachers to hold presser today

Punjab study - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 12:02
Lahore:December 28:As the third day of their protest for salaries and regularisation ended without any talks with the authorities concerned, the teachers affiliated with different groups said on Wednesday that they would hold a press conference on Thursday (today) to announce their future course of action. The demonstrators also warned of a possible move towards the security Red Zone if officials failed to come out for talks. School Education Secretary Iqbal Hussain Durrani was scheduled to come for a meeting with the protesters on Wednesday to hear their problems and recommend possible solutions. Representatives of the protesting teacher groups had also agreed to attend the meeting, but the official failed to show up throughout the day. Though no government representative came out for talks with the teachers, several political leaders and social workers visited the protest camp yesterday, including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders Arif Alvi and Halim Adil Shiekh and Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-Fazl leader Rashid Mehmood Soomro. They sympathised with the plight of the teachers and expressed concerns over the Sindh government’s failure to resolve the protesters’ issues on a priority basis. As the day drew to a close, New Teachers’ Action Committee Chairman Abubakar Abro said they would hold a press conference on Thursday (today) to announce the protesters’ future course of action. He lamented that the government seemed adamant on using force against the teachers instead of hearing out their demands. The protesters consist of four major groups: National Testing Service (NTS) teachers, the Primary Teachers Association (PTA), teachers appointed in 2010 through a test at the Sindh University and the New Teachers Action Committee’s (NTAC) teachers appointed in 2012 by former education minister Pir Mazharul Haq. The total strength of NTS teachers is 15,000; teachers appointed in 2010 are 8,800 in number; the PTA has 40,000 members; and the NTAC has a 4,400-strong membership comprising both teaching and non-teaching staff. However, around 2,000 teachers have gathered at the press club for the sit-in. They have two major demands: to be regularised and to be paid their salaries. But the PTA has also called for being promoted to the upper grades. NTAC’s Abro had earlier told The News that the provincial government used its power to try to silence the teachers, but he asserted that it was not a permanent solution. “We were legally appointed,” he clarified. Abro said that in the past five years the Sindh administration had made numerous promises of releasing teachers’ salaries but it never fulfilled it, adding that when they took to the streets, the police pushed them towards violence and then government officials made a new promise. “I have attended a number of meetings with high-ranking officials of the Sindh government, but the provincial administration is not determined to solve our problems.” A representative of the teachers appointed in 2010 said the Sindh government had awarded regular status of jobs to other employees of the provincial departments and those employees were also appointed the same year. Even teachers of the same lot from the Karachi region enjoy regular status, but only teachers from interior Sindh are suffering and are forced to protest for their rights, he added. Muhammad Ahmed, a representative of NTS teachers, said they were appointed through the NTS, which was one of the most credible testing services in Pakistan. But, he claimed, the provincial administration wanted to make political appointments after snatching jobs from competent NTS teachers. The education department had earlier announced conducting an NTS test for new appointments. The protesting groups of teachers declared that they would not go back home until the officials of the education department ensured regular status of their jobs and payment of their salaries. Also, on Tuesday, Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) AD Khowaja expressed serious concerns over the use of violence by police in dispersing the protesting teachers outside the Karachi Press Club. He directed the Karachi police to avoid undue use of force and coordinate with the protesters to avoid unpleasant consequences. According to his spokesman, IGP Khowaja said the Sindh police recognised and respected the right of the citizens to conduct peaceful protests. “The Karachi police handle at an average of eight to 10 protests every day which are regulated smoothly.” However, the provincial police chief also appealed to the growers and teachers’ associations interested in staging protest demonstrations to exercise their legal rights within the bounds of law and without causing undue inconvenience to the citizens or hindrances in the smooth flow of traffic. He said the teachers and growers were a source of inspiration for future generations and, therefore, they should be cautious against exploitation by vested groups by setting exemplary conduct in respecting the law.The news.Lahore

SC stops admissions at private medical colleges across Pakistan

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Chief Justice of Pakistan said that if any college was found doing LAHORE:December 26: Supreme Court (SC) has on Tuesday stopped the admissions at private medical colleges across the country and stated that strong action will be taken against any university found violating the orders, reported Daily Times. Hearing the case on private medical colleges’ high fees, Chief Justice of Pakistan said that if any college was found doing admissions in backdate, the owner of the college will be held responsible. He added that it was his duty to hear this case; people will try to scare the judges off but they won’t back out. Justice Ijaz ul-Hassan said one student at a government medical college could become a doctor for Rs 80,000 in five years. The court appointed Barrister Ali Zafar as an assistant of the court. Ali Zafar will present the client’s case. Chief Justice summoned Continental College’s Dr Farid Zafar for demanding high fees. The court also summoned the accounts’ details of the owners of the private medical colleges. He remarked that “although we are producing doctors, we don’t know whether our tool is correct or not.”Lahore

Allama Iqbal Open University to launch Seeratun Nabi degree programmes

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Multan:December 26:Dr Siddiqui said that degree verification process was being converted to the online system and now it would take only 24 hours for verification, instead of months. He said that free education was being offered to special kids and over 1,000 jail prisoners free of charge. About 28 national and international conferences and over 100 workshops had been conducted during the last three years, he said.Published in The Express Tribune, December 25th, 2017.Multan

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